The Blog Engine


BlEng is short for BlogEngine. It is a tool for writing your own weblog, or blog. It was written to have a tool which is focused on the text and to have a site, that does not need very much resources when hosted.

For this reason BlEng is run on your Desktop-Computer or on a staging server. When you are finished with updating your weblog, the software generates a static set of html files which you can upload to your webspace. Or the software can upload it for you, if you use ftp on the server.

For the very basic functions you don’t need more than a http server that serves static files. If you want to have comments and some basic tracking functions, the server also needs PHP. But PHP is not required. It is an optional feature to increase the functionallity.

As most of your weblog are static files, it is served very fast and does not need very much resources.